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When I was 15, you would have voted me least likely to succeed and definitely least likely to grow up and talk about God. I’m glad that my definition of success is now defined by the kingdom and He has an incredible sense of humor because you cannot get me to be quiet about Jesus for anything these days. 

He grabbed my heart, gripped it with His grace, and I found heaven on earth in His presence. 

I spend my days writing books and coaching women and drinking too much coffee and dancing with my kids and making them blush when I smooch their dad. I love the local church and Nick and I have the honor of leading Bright City Church here in Charleston. Please stop by for worship some time! 


Nick was the handsome guy in youth group that I somehow tricked into dating me. It’s too late for him now and he’s stuck with me for life. We’ve got four kiddos spanning from 6 to 12 and a wild and kind of stinky dog. Our life is loud and we love it that way. 

I’ve gotten to be a part of starting a handful of ministries and businesses - She Reads Truth, All Good Things Collective, and Go + Tell Gals and it’s my joy to sneak away to other cities occasionally to preach the Word of God. If you’d like to have me come speak at your church, conference, or event - see more details here.



What do you do for a job?
Great question! :) I help run Go + Tell Gals, I write books, and I also help lead our church, Bright City. 

Where is your bible from?

Sadly, I got my Bible at a small Christian bookstore years ago and since then - I haven’t been able to find one like it. It’s an NIV wide margin!

What’s your favorite lipstick?

Pixi by Petra color: Really Rose
Glossier sheer matte lipstick in Zip or Jam 

I'm about to have two (or three) kids super close together, any advice? 

First of all, it's going to be great. You are about to build a really sweet and intimate family culture. You're going to lean on each other and laugh a whole, whole lot. My biggest regret during the season I had three kids under three in is that I didn't give myself more grace. Take a promise from a veteran and believe me when I say that God has picked you to be the mama to these kids for a reason and He will equip you with all you need. Ask for help when you need it, even if it's often. Find a good church if you don't have one and find an older mom to encourage you. Take little pockets of rest and time to feel inspired wherever you can. Read the Bible. God is for you. It's often said and very true - these days are going to fly by. 

Can Jessi come speak at our event/conference?

We'd love to hear more about it! Will you fill out the form on our speaking page?  Thanks!

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I'm visiting Charleston soon, anywhere you suggest going? 

Yay, Charleston! You're going to love it! You’ve got to hit the following spots: The Harbinger Cafe, Xiao Bao Biscuit, Leon’s, Sullivan’s Island, Basic Kitchen, Obstinate Daughter, and Minero. Please stop by Bright City if you’re in town on a Sunday! 

Can I stop by the All Good Things Collective shop and visit?

Please! I’m not there all day every day, but check the All Good Things website for more info on our open times.