Jess Connolly is a national conference and event speaker,
comfortable in front of audiences of thousands of women,
passionate about leading those she’s communicating to towards
grace-filled life change.

One of Jess’ greatest joys is gathering with women +
being as honest as possible about how good
God is and how much He loves them.

Her aim is clear:  to leave her generation
more in awe of God than she found them.

Chosen Women's Conference from October 2017. 

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T E S T I M O N I A L S 

I have loved having Jess on the Happy Hour podcast so much that she’s been with me three times! Each time Jess has joined me on the show we’ve had super meaningful conversations that the listeners have loved. From body image, to finding freedom in Christ, to her encouraging me to try and do a hand stand, even just once! Jess is a joy to be around, and she is an encourager to women every single time she opens her mouth.
— Jamie Ivey, The Happy Hour Podcast
I was thrilled when Jess accepted our invitation to speak at the School of Styling in Nashville, TN. Her talks inspired, motivated, challenged, and strengthened our attendees, speakers and staff. Although our workshop is geared towards creative entrepreneurs, her message was rooted in the ultimate truth, which blessed everyone in attendance abundantly!
— Kaitlin Holland, The School Of Styling
“If there is anyone who so fervently strives for the balance between grace and holiness, it’s Jess. In her presence, I have been offered both pause and power, both hush and hustle. With surprisingly disarming honesty, Jess manages to spur us on and settle us down, all in one, dripping-with-love invitation.”
— Erin Loechner, author of Chasing Slow
I can not tell you how much the women at our Celebrate Motherhood Retreat enjoyed listening to the message that Jess brings to the stage. It is beyond evident that when Jess is speaking, the Lord is shining through her. You will be falling out of your seat laughing and the next second you will have tears streaming down your face as she shares all that God has done to set her free in her life. She is passionate about transparently sharing her story and her struggles in a way that makes you say “YES! ME TOO!” My favorite part about Jess is that she excuses joy even when she is sharing her hard moments and she truly listens and wiats for the Holy Spirit to lead her in her words. God is using this woman to change the lives of so many!
— Mandy Rose, Celebrate Motherhood Retreat